To me, this has been the strangest post-season in memory. Pardon me as I ramble a bit.

Sure, just having the Reds in the playoffs has been an oddity to which we are unaccustomed (though I wouldn’t object to seeing these playoff appearances become old hat). I’ve found, however, that I just can’t get excited about the rest of the post-season since the Reds were eliminated.

That feeling isn’t due to the lack of quality baseball. The games have mostly been compelling, and the two teams that have advanced to the World Series each have exceptionally compelling storylines and players that are fun to watch. I’ll watch the games, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the Series.

This year, however, something is different. Most years, the Reds have been eliminated before the football season has even started, so I have grown accustomed to a little buffer before the postseason begins. Not this year. Cincinnati was playing important games all the way until the final day of the season. Hence, I didn’t get my buffer. This is the reality of being a Reds fan in the 2000s; there was no chance that the Reds would be in the playoffs, so I could enjoy the baseball for what it was.

After the Reds were eliminated from the playoffs this season, I found that I just couldn’t get excited about watching someone else’s team fight for a championship. My team should be playing these games! I watched the games, but I wasn’t as invested in them as in years past. That surprised me. The baseball playoffs are usually my favorite time of the year.

I am hopeful that we are all fully invested in the National League Championship Series and the World Series next year, if you know what I mean. My fingers are crossed.