* FanGraphs asks a question: Is Bronson Arroyo worth it? It’s a fair-minded look at the pros and cons of picking up Arroyo’s option for 2011, making many of the arguments we’ve made here.

I can’t necessarily disagree with anything in the piece, but my analysis of those stats reaches a slightly different conclusion. To me, it’s clear that the Reds should pick up that option, but signing Arroyo to any type of contract extension past 2011 would be an exceptionally bad idea.

* I saw a great, great, GREAT movie last weekend. Here’s a hint: it was in 3D, it just opened last week (and topped the box office), and it should be the front-runner for the Best Picture Oscar.

* This NLCS has been pretty entertaining, hasn’t it? The only way it could have been better is if the Giants were playing the Reds. That would be much better.

* What’s the statute of limitations on outrage over Arrested Development being cancelled? I finally finished watching the entire run of the series. Brilliant.

* This year marks the 40th anniversary of “Ball Four,” the brilliant baseball book by Jim Bouton. If you haven’t read it, you should be embarrassed. Anyway, this is a month old, but check out the links and videos and retrospective here of the book. Reminds me that I need to read it again.

* Baseball Reference takes a look at the Least Valuable Player of 2010. This is one award that Joey Votto won’t win but, yes, there is a Red in the discussion. (Tip of the cap to JT, who is trying to use a Jedi Mind Trick on GM Walt Jocketty.)

* For the life of me, I will never understand how Kathy Griffin is (relatively) famous.

* Diamond Hoggers has a podcast interview with Jay Bruce’s agent. I haven’t listened to it yet, but the most interesting topic is regarding Jay’s future with the Reds. He’s looking for a long-term deal to stay in Cincinnati.

I’ll sign that legislation.

* My entire family is addicted to Angry Birds. I hate those stupid, smug pigs and their arrogant smiles.

* I heard my 8 year old daughter say this in the backseat of the car last night: “Will I marry Justin Bieber?” (pause) “I hate you, Magic 8 Ball.”

* I wanna keep believing, but I’m starting to think the Reds may not make it to the World Series this year.