Golf trip is over, and I’m back in the saddle. Today’s topic: Zack Greinke.

The Royals are likely to deal their ace hurler, and Buster Olney ($$$) lists the Reds as a possible destination. Some of you are nodding your head in agreement with that idea; many of you are wondering why GM Walt Jocketty would look to add a pitcher, since the Reds already have a bevy of starters, and the Reds have other positions that need to be addressed first.

You’re all correct. Certainly, the Reds have a number of good candidates for the 2011 starting rotation, as we’ve been discussing. Also, it’s clear that the mess in left field should be the primary off-season focus.

You should not, however, be surprised to see the Reds pursue a top-flight starting pitcher, if one is available. Jocketty went after Cliff Lee in mid-season, and I can see how Cincinnati’s performance in the National League Division Series could convince Jocketty that the Reds really need a clear #1 starter if they want to take that next step.

Greinke would fit the bill. His numbers last year were just average, but take a look at what he’s done in his career. Wow (love that 205 ERA+ at age 25). When you consider that he’ll just be entering his age-27 season, it’s clear that Greinke would look very nice indeed in a Reds uniform.

In addition, Zack Greinke’s contract situation is favorable, as far as I’m concerned. He’s signed for the next two seasons at $13.5 million each season. That’s an exceptionally reasonable contract, considering the production you are likely to get from Greinke.

The question, of course, is what the Reds would have to give up to get Greinke. That probably starts with Yonder Alonso, and may include names like Devin Mesoraco, as well. I really have no sense of what it would take, other than that the Royals are likely to want serious prospects in return. I’d trade almost anyone in the minors, frankly. Greinke is likely to be worth the steep price.

Yes, it’s probably all a pipe dream, but that’s what the off-season is for: dreaming.