The Phils finished off our Reds last night and they died not with a bang, but a whimper…

Philadelphia 2
Cincinnati 0

W: C. Hamels (1-0)
L: J. Cueto (0-1)

–The season. The Reds exceeded all expectations this year. The playoffs didn’t end the way we’d hoped, but very few (and none of our editors) predicted we’d still be covering games in October, so that’s a positive.

— Dusty’s decision to play Cabrera. Cost the team a run in the first inning. I don’t know if the injury had anything to do with the error, but anytime a guy has to “talk his way into the lineup” and then hurts the team, you have to question the decision making of the coach/manager.

— The offense generally was horrible all series. The “veteran leadership” triangle (Rolen, Gomes, Cabrera) were a combined 2-25 (13 strikeouts) with multiple errors (both physical and mental), and Gomes terrible outfield play hurt the Reds on at least one, possibly two occasions. Joey Votto was 1-10 and I only remember him hitting one ball hard in the 3 games.

–I still like this team’s future very, very much. With one exception, which is open to a major second guess (Volquez starting game 1), the Reds pitching was pretty darn good. They have some holes to fill, but have lots of young talent that can either fill it from within or be used to make trades. They have to make a future decision at SS and LF.

— The crowd last night was a record for GABP and on tv, it sounded LOUD. If the team had given them anything to get excited about, it probably would have been deafening.

— The only player with an option I want back is Arroyo (but I think an extension would be a mistake). I’ve seen enough of Cabrera, Gomes, and Hernandez.

— I admit the trade for Rolen was a good deal, but it sure looks like the 2 year extension is going to saddle the team with a guy that’s done for 2 more years. Let’s not get all giddy about his first half this year, as it was probably a last blip on the radar.

— But it’s been a great year for an overall young team and we should appreciate it and remember how great it was, not the way it ended.