has published a listing of all pitchers who have started post-season games under the age of 24.29 years. The Yankees’ Phil Hughes is scheduled to start tonight and he’s 24.29 years of age.

For those who fear young starters in such “high pressure games, the research shows there have been 156 pitchers make post season starts under the age of 24.29 years, with many pitchers making more than one start before reaching that age. The Reds are well-represented as noted below:

Don Gullett, 8 games, 2-3, 4.07 ERA
Frank Pastore, 1 game, 0-0, 2.57 ERA
Junior Thompson, 2 games, 0-2, 14.62 ERA
Gary Nolan, 6 games, 1-2, 3.34 ERA
Ross Grimsley, 3 games, 1-2, 4.60 ERA
Mike LaCoss, 1 game, 0-1, 10.80 ERA
Pat Zachry, 2 games, 2-0, 3.09 ERA
Jimmy Ring, 1 game, 1-0, 0.00 ERA
Jim O’Toole, 2 games, 0-2, 3.00 ERA

It’s time for our 2010 young guys to step up, too.

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  1. dom zanni

    LaCoss was garbage, wish the reds had started berenyi