The Reds are going to pick up the 2011 option on Bronson Arroyo’s contract, according to Walt Jocketty. The option is for $11 million, but Jocketty also said they are going to try to work out an extension.

You all know that Bronson is my favorite player, and I think picking up that option for next year is a no-brainer. Extending him, though? I’m not sure that would end very well.

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  1. Aaron

    Almost a no brainer to pick up the extension. Bronson has been dependable all season and I think has a few more good seasons left.

  2. Truman48

    I had to look up mercurial. Let’s lower the writing down a few IQ points here.

  3. Truman48

    I am not sure on this one. Until Bronson finished strong I was thinking that he wasn’t worth the money. Couldn’t the Reds find someone with a similar ERA, granted not as many innings, for half-to-two thirds his salary? Just asking?

    He doesn’t throw very hard. I keep thinking these bats are going to start catching up with him. What if his ERA balloons up to 4.50 next year? Then doesn’t his contract become a bit of an albatross?

    I hope Dave that you are right about the continued maturation of the starting rotation. I am not nearly as confident.

  4. Annalise


    Arroyo already had a 4.60 FIP this season, meaning he pitched at a level of a 4.60 ERA.

    That being said, starters who pitch 200 innings every year don’t exactly grow on trees. Randy Wolf is making around $10m. Joe Blanton is making $8m. Brett Myers just got extended at $10.5m. Arroyo is pretty much the same as any of those guys (on a talent level), so I don’t believe his salary is out of line. Perhaps not the best use of money for a team with a somewhat low payroll, but if the Reds like him, I think it makes sense.

  5. Annalise

    @Dave Lowenthal: I think this is a pretty good way to look at it. Obviously it would be absurd to think ALL SIX things will happen, but the Reds are setting themselves up to be in a position in which they don’t have to hope and pray that everything goes right with their pitching. It’s smart planning. Obviously you’d rather have “guarantees”, but seeing as they just don’t have that, this is a good plan.

  6. Wil Payne

    We have so many signed pitchers, I wish they would get our position players shiny deals to keep them in Cincinnati.

  7. Chad Dotson

    @Brien Jackson: I doubt there’s a single team in the league that wouldn’t exercise Arroyo’s option after the season he just had. Reds won, he anchored the rotation in a lot of ways, pitched 200+ innings with a below league average ERA — and he won 17 games! 😉

    As I already said, though…extending his contract is not likely to end well.

  8. MikeB

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bronson traded at some point next season, or after that, if they extend him. His contract isn’t unreasonable or ridiculous, nor would I expect his extension to be, and if the Reds have a lot of other starters who are performing, he’d be an ideal guy to trade mid-season to a (panicking) big market contender.