This image was sent to me by Swatch, a loyal citizen of Redleg Nation.  Swatch has submitted RN with plenty of photoshopped images throughout the year, including various sombrero images and the Jay Bruce Almighty movie poster.

I hope Part II of this movie has a happier ending than Part I did Wednesday night!

UPDATE: On a similar note, check out this post by Chris Sabo’s Goggles.

4 Responses

  1. Red Leg Bill

    I love it! Nice one Swatch. Unrelated…I heard Marty and Tracy this morning (as I am sure most of you did). Marty mentioned that Baker might go with Wood for game 3. At first I liked the thought of it, but have to also wonder if it sound like desperation.

  2. cincymatt16

    That is surprising news. Does that mean that Dusty will use Cueto tonight if Bronson gets into a bind?

  3. Red Leg Bill


    That’s interesting. I hadn’t thought about that. Not sure it would happen anyway, but thought it was news worthy.