I don’t think it is an understatement to say that tonight is the biggest game of the season for the Cincinnati Reds. With a loss, the Reds are down 2-0 to possibly the best team in baseball. It would be very, very tough to come back from that deficit.

With a win, however, the Reds are sitting pretty. The series would be tied 1-1, and two of the three remaining games would be played at Great American Ballpark. Cincinnati would have home field advantage and I’d feel pretty good about Johnny Cueto taking the mound in front of a capacity crowd at GAB with a chance to put the Reds ahead in the series.

Tonight’s the night. The Reds have had success against Oswalt recently, and this team has shown the ability to get up quickly after being knocked down. Tonight’s game will tell us a lot about the character of this team, about the ability of their manager to get them prepared, and will ultimately say everything about Cincinnati’s chances of moving on to the next round. We’re counting on you, Bronson Arroyo.

Here’s your game preview. Go Redlegs!

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  1. Ethan D


    The WINNING lineup tonight!

  2. Ethan D

    I want to see Votto and Bruce just mash tonight. I want Philly fans going home asking “WTF just happened out there?” like we did on Wednedsay. I want Bronson to lull them to sleep. I want a win. Good luck Reds.

    Like if the final score is 12-3 Reds. And the Phillie fans are leaving the park with a dazed look walking like zombies

  3. Furniture City Red

    We really need Bronson to keep the Phils guessing for 5+ innings. Like Steve said – Don’t expect a shut-out, but I think he’ll do his job. He may even give up a HR or two, but as long as nobody’s on base that’s no big deal.

    Would love to see Reds hitters feast on Oswalt and run him from the game early.

    Everybody keep your fingers crossed that OC doesn’t do anything stupid at SS like he did on Wed….If pitching and defense are magnified in a short series like everybody says I’d prefer Soft J at SS.

    Anyways…1:27 minutes to game time – I’m looking forward to it.

  4. Josh Rose

    does anyone else kinda feel like we’re gonna come out all pissed off swinging at everything? Whether that is a bad thing or not i do not know but i just got one of those feelings… 😀

  5. Red Leg Bill

    Good ole’ Boomer Wells. Picking us to win tonight. Still some loyalty left there.

  6. bho52

    @Jimmy Falk: Yes, he definitely does. Unrelated, but he just picked San Francisco to win this game. Let’s see how that works out for him

  7. The Mad Hatter

    It might be midnight in Germany but I have no where to be tomorrow. Let’s go Redlegs!!

  8. bho52

    Starting small, just rooting for a hit right now. I think BP is gonna come through

  9. MikeB

    Would love to see Brandon smash a base hit up the middle on the first pitcher. Get the monkey off their back early.

  10. Red Leg Bill

    Nix before Bruce. That’s interesting.

  11. bho52

    Yes!!!!! cant ask for anything better than that!

  12. Brent Miller

    Great AB by BP! Way to end the hitless streak.

    Anyone else getting the “double click” again? Same crap happened during the game Wed. None of the other games have had this except for the Reds/Phils. By “double click” I mean hearing the bat hit the ball before seeing it hit the ball.

  13. bho52

    Classic philly fans with the “asshole” chant for rolen. he couldn’t be a more mild-mannered, nice guy

  14. Chad Dotson

    I’m so nervous. This is ridiculous. I shouldn’t be sitting here in my home, on the edge of my seat, nervous about a kid’s game.

    • The Mad Hatter

      I’m so nervous. This is ridiculous. I shouldn’t be sitting here in my home, on the edge of my seat, nervous about a kid’s game.

      I’m the same exact way right now. It’s worse when your entire family is Phillies fans.

  15. Jason1972

    Pretty sure Rolen had an ugly exit from Philly. Phillies’ fans apparently hold grudges long term.

  16. MikeB

    Seems like the baseball gods are on the side of the Reds tonight.

  17. bho52

    But…but…Utley’s UZR is so much higher than Phillips, he clearly deserves the gold glove 😉

  18. bho52

    BP locked in. It’d be nice if O-Cab could follow his lead

  19. MDM

    Joey with runners on base. this is his time to shine.

  20. bho52

    I liked that Phillips interview. He seems to have Oswalt very much figured out

  21. the shady j.d

    i agree with all of you….what a momentum shift….I hate to say it, but rolen looks lost up there….i know he keeps things close to the chest but his face looks like he has shut down…His bat speed has slowed considerably and he has to compensate…that is why he missed that gift changeup…that was wrapped in a bow.

  22. bho52

    @the shady j.d: A lot of the pitches Rolen is swinging through would’ve been raked earlier in the year. Tough to watch

  23. bho52

    @Jason in Toronto: Rolen would have to be dying to get taken out of a playoff game, but i’d definitely prefer Cairo over Francisco

  24. MikeB

    Votto hasn’t looked comfortable against Oswalt. His AB really swung that inning.

  25. GeorgeFoster

    Phew. Glad we didn’t have to face Utley with two men on.

  26. bho52

    Great dp, Cabrera definitely favoring the oblique there. Some of you may get your wish with Janish, unfortunately

  27. MikeB

    Brandon is doing great tonight. Now let’s get him around to score.

  28. bho52

    @renbutler: Can we get some stats on postseason cycles? Not exactly paying back a no-no, but I’ll take it

  29. the shady j.d

    3 more feet and i would stake a claim this game was close to over….still awesome…the way he can wait on that off speed stuff….thats why he will never have huge slumps

  30. MikeB

    Oswalt is throwing better than Halladay my ass…

  31. MDM

    good play janish. between him and ciaro, the reds have been very lucky this year with their bench.

  32. MikeB

    @Crutch23: Dude, you can’t go grab your starter every time he gets into a little trouble. Especially if it’s not of his own making.

  33. bho52

    Huge to get out of that just giving up 2 runs. Now let’s get some back. It should help having that Oswalt guy out of the game, even though they were hitting him pretty good

  34. MikeB

    @Crutch23: Bronson went from cruising to trouble in about 2 minutes. No one is gonna get loose in that time. I’d rather have Bronson pitch his way out of trouble than bring in a not-quite-warm lefty.

  35. SGT Ethan

    Great night from Arroyo – here’s hoping he gets the win!

  36. MDM

    great start by arroyo. this is exactly what we needed.

  37. Kevin the Reaper

    Bullpen roles have changed with Rhodes in during the 6th.

  38. the shady j.d

    Dude, I am getting really really tired of these extended commercial breaks between innings…usually i go smoke and i come back and we have two outs on the bad guys…now i come back and the inning hasnt even started….this is a HUGE out…come on Logan

  39. Kevin the Reaper

    One way to beat them I guess.

  40. GeorgeFoster

    We’re gonna need to score more runs.

  41. MikeB

    Phew. Chapman will be in next inning. Now lets score a few here.

  42. bho52

    Too close for comfort right now. That said, 9 outs away

  43. bho52

    Chapman’s gotta be pretty psyched to be pitching against Contreras

  44. Chad Dotson

    It’s going to be wild in the bottom of the inning, with Chapman facing Utley and Howard.

  45. SGT Ethan

    Would rather be up by one here than down by one!

  46. mlalli01

    Had to get rid of pitch trax because this ump is all over the place. Woulda been embarassing.

  47. bho52

    Should’ve gone to first, but he was OUT

  48. bho52

    It seriously should still be 4-0. This is painful

  49. MikeB

    Well, at least we didn’t get no hit.

  50. Myles

    This is actually worse than Wednesday. Hard to believe they could top it.

  51. GeorgeFoster

    Embarrassing! First off Utley never got hit, then he was out at second (but a dumb throw by Rolen).

    And it looked like he never touched third either.

  52. MikeB

    Poor Chapman. He gets rung up for a phantom HBP, dominates Howard, gets a weak grounder from Werth but Rolen makes a huge mental error, then induces a soft liner and Bruce looks like a little leaguer. He deserves better.

  53. Steve Simon

    These announcers on the television telecast are atrocious.

  54. Steve Simon

    That was a disgusting display of baseball by our beloved Reds.

  55. Chad Dotson

    I honestly have no idea what to write for a recap tonight. I think I might just skip it.

  56. GeorgeFoster

    The amazing thing is that we can’t even blame Dusty, OC or Gomes. The 7th inning will rank up there with the Bartman inning in terms of historic meltdowns.

  57. Myles

    I hope the GM realizes he needs to go out and a get a better LF this offseason. And start planning for the Rolen-is-over-the-hill party cause that already may have started…

  58. Chad Dotson

    I was serious about the ticket. If anyone wants my ticket for Sunday’s game, let me know. I just don’t think it’s worth the drive to me.

  59. bho52

    I can’t get over how winnable this game was, or how we went from NLCS dreams to staring the winter in the face in a span of 2 innings. The Reds are now 6-0 at CBP this year, and could easily be 6-0. The worst part is they’ll still be called frauds by the media and told they never belonged in the postseason. Really disheartening.