Jay Bruce was named the NL Player of the Week for the last week of the season.   I haven’t checked, but I’m willing to bet this is the first time a guy won POTW in a week when he also struck out four times in one game.

The numbers:

  • .444 BA (2nd in the NL)
  • .500 OBP (t-4th)
  • 1.111 SLG (1st)

Drew Stubbs (.400, .526 OBP, 4 R, 4 SB) was also considered.

Below, Laynce Nix and Eric Davis help Jay celebrate his award.

Photo via Better Off Red

6 Responses

  1. vermilion red

    Eric the Red does look game-ready, but I know we’re all getting older when I see E.D. and my mind goes to Nipsy Russell. Apologies to the younger set.

  2. eastcoast redsfan

    @vermilion red: I guess I’m older too because as soon as I read that, I started cracking up and thought, yep you’re right. I haven’t thought about Nipsy Russell in years.

  3. Damian Kristof

    They are talking about the stupidity of the Reds cigar controversy right now on Redeye. It’s always weird to hear the Reds mentioned so extensively on national tv, especially since I live in Cleveland where they pretend Cincy doesn’t exist. It’s awesome!