As expected, the Reds and manager Dusty Baker agreed to terms on a two-year contract extension. Dusty will get paid through the 2012 season.  (Whether he’s still managing the team then will depend on results and Bob Castellini’s opinion 18 months from now). Sports Illustrated reports a “near” $8M salary for the two-year deal. Baker makes $3.5M a year under his current deal.

Mark Sheldon reports that the coaches also received extensions.

I’m still not 100% comfortable with Baker as a manager.  He seems to have a great relationship with the players, but his in-game managing is mediocre, at best.  His patience with talented young players has been great, but that same patience has often been excruciating when it relates to veteran position players on their last legs. Regardless, there’s no way they don’t do this deal. A guy wins a division with this roster, he gets rewarded. That’s how it works.

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Baker Facts

  • Age 61
  • Record with the Reds: 243-243 (3 seasons)
  • Overall Record:  1,405-1,284 (17 seasons)
  • Four division championships with three teams
  • One of six managers in MLB history to win a division title with 3 teams (Davey Johnson, Tony LaRussa, Billy Martin, Lou Piniella and Joe Torre).
  • Twenty-fifth manager in MLB  history with at least 1,400 career wins.

6 Responses

  1. nick in va

    Whatever the amount he’s making, that’s a lot of money for a manager.

  2. Truman48

    Glad to hear he signed. It has been a great year.

  3. Pete Snow

    Dusty, it seems, is a great leader and fine manager of personalities. However, he is a below average in-game manager. I think this is almost universally agreed upon. What trumps what in the big picture? Who knows.

  4. bho52

    I really liked this quote from Nick Masset on the signing:
    “He’s been such a huge asset for the team. He’s really someone we look up to and can confide in daily. He’s such a wonderful person to have around. He’s very family oriented. He would do anything for us and we’d do the same for him. It definitely makes it a good atmosphere to be in when he’s around.”

    Not that that makes him a great manager, but you can see the kind of impact he’s had on our players in the clubhouse. No doubt they want to play hard for him and win.

  5. jdm00

    There are plenty of day to day, in-game decisions that we question, but I am guessing that is the same thing that every fan base does with its manager (ever check out the game threads at Viva el Birdos?). My biggest concern is that he seems to have had a bad knack with the bullpen this year, in terms of I always feel like he is about a batter or two too late to go get a guy. I have been pleasantly surprised with his patience with Bruce and Stubbs. I think it is a tradeoff that to get that patience, he also is patient with Gomes, Cabrera, et al.

    One thing I will say is that he has seemed to push the right buttons from a pinch-hit and sub perspective this year. Whether it’s with Heisey with 4 PH HR, Cairo filling in for Votto when Cairo had not been hitting his weight, or even things like batting Nix 4th, a surprising number of those moves seemed to work well. (Small sample size and all that, of course.)