Game times have been announced for the first two games of the National League Division Series. The Reds and Phillies will open up their series at 5:07 PM on Wednesday. Game two will start at 6:07 PM on Friday evening. (Times for all games through Saturday here.)

I’m eager to hear what time first pitch will be scheduled to be on Sunday, for Cincinnati’s first home playoff game in fifteen years.

3 Responses

  1. Jello

    I got baseball practice than a night class! Im going to miss the game 😡

  2. John D.

    I just picked up a ticket for Friday’s game. I hope Good Bronson shows up.

  3. DenL42

    FYI, all 10 of ESPN’s “experts” picked the Phillies to win, with only one of them predicting the series going to five games.

    Let’s surprise them again, shall we?