Dusty Baker announced today that Aaron Harang will be tomorrow’s starting pitcher, in the final regular season game of 2010*. It’s a great, great decision, and I applaud Dusty and the Reds.

We’ve discussed the Harang situation at length here at RN. The big guy was the only pitcher worth watching on the Reds for several years, and fans are understandably sentimental about the fact that Harang’s Reds career is coming to a close. I don’t see any way he will be on the playoff roster, and the Reds can’t pick up his option for next season.

There are two things I hope to see tomorrow:

–I hope Harang pitches a gem; and
–I hope a large and boisterous crowd gives Harang a huge ovation, as a thank you for all that he’s done for the club.

I take this decision to give Harang a final start as further proof that the current ownership and management team “gets it.” Kudos, Reds.

*Dusty also made the shocking announcement that Edinson Volquez would start the first game of the division series. More on that decision later.

8 Responses

  1. Fireball

    I can’t say I disagree with either decision. Of all of our starting pitchers, Volquez is throwing the ball the best right now. Also, in the likely scenario that we face Philadelphia in the NLDS, he and Wood are probably the best matchups against them.

    This is a good decision, and it shocks me that Dusty made it. I was positive that Arroyo was going to start game 1 against Philadelphia, even though he’s not the best matchup there.

  2. De_Here

    as much as I would like to see him pitch a gem I doubt it will happen…I was at the game where he gave up 2 bombs to Fukudome earlier this year and it was at that point I finally gave up on the big viking looking mofo

    I love what he did for this team in his time here but he has nothing left on his pitches and it’s time for us to move on

  3. renbutler

    Great decision on Harang! I love it. He’s never done anything other than play hard and be a model citizen.

    Hopefully he goes out with a bang.

  4. Truman48

    I am glad they are not starting Arroyo in game one. It seems like it wood have disaster written all over it. Lefties hit Arroyo .287. All the other starters were much better against lefties.

  5. Ethan D

    I hope he throws a CG. It doesn’t have to be a shutout, I just to see him out there at the end

  6. vermilion red

    A big tip of the cap to Aaron Harang. I hope he hooks on with another team next year and regains some level of success.

  7. DevilsAdvocate

    If there’s one thing that Dusty does extremely well, it’s being a manager of men. I don’t think Arroyo was/is annoyed to not be the Game One starter, and even if he was I am sure that Dusty managed to get him to be okay with it.

    Meanwhile, I am slightly worried that the Harang decision was a little too last-minute to let him prepare for the start, but I am hoping that the public was informed after Harang got the heads-up a couple days earlier. I can’t recall a one-game situation where I have rooted as hard for a player as I will be today……and rooting just as hard for him to be recognized by the crowd on hand, as well.