Fox Sports Ohio and 18 other regional sports channels are off the air, as of today, due to a dispute between DISH and FOX Networks. The decision by FOX to block certain channels (FSN, FX, and National Geographic) would mean no Reds games on FSN Ohio this weekend for DISH customers. It would also prevent DISH customers from seeing any Reds Live postgame shows that are planned for the post-season should this dispute continue into next week.

Perhaps a bigger deal in Atlanta, DISH customers could miss Bobby Cox’s final regular season game if the two sides cannot come to an agreement before Sunday afternoon.

This sort of situation is as frustrating as owners locking out players or players going on strike. There’s no way to tell who is in the right, and the primary party losing out is the paying customer.

Unfortunately, this means no Reds games on TV for me until next Wednesday. Other than Cincinnati Reds baseball, I rarely watch any of the Fox Sports Channels. Hopefully, they get it resolved prior to next baseball season.

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  1. jinaz

    Dish does seem to be good about cost controls, and as a customer I’m obviously happy about that. But I envy the rest of the world that gets to watch MLB Network, and would probably pay slightly more for it. I have it on constantly when I visit my in-laws who have vios. 🙂

    Fortunately, the Fox thing doesn’t affect me because I’m serviced by FSN Pittsburgh. Dunno why it’s not a part of this dispute, but whatevs. I get most of my Reds coverage during the season on FSN Pittsburgh whenever the Pirates play the Reds, so I would be upset to lose that.

  2. bho52

    One of the few times I’m happy to have Time Warner Cable

  3. Furniture City Red

    I got DirectTV, so I guess I’m still good. Really sucks for Dish customers though.

  4. Furniture City Red

    @jinaz: Yeah. MLB Network is the best. I don’t even watch ESPN any more for baseball coverage.

  5. bho52

    @Furniture City Red: MLB Network is great. Quick Pitch in the morning is a great upgrade from Sportscenter. Relevant highlights and stats, amazing.

    • Ethan D

      @Furniture City Red: MLB Network is great. Quick Pitch in the morning is a great upgrade from Sportscenter. Relevant highlights and stats, amazing.

      MLB Network is sweet. After the Reds games I flip it to MLB and watch MLB tonight. Watching Sean Casey get pumped about the Reds always cracks me up

  6. Furniture City Red

    @renbutler: My only complaint with Direct is no picture in picture…Or do they have PIP and I just haven’t figured out how to do it?

  7. Furniture City Red

    @Jared: Don’t know anything about Dish…I’ve got Direct……ok, a quick Google search revealed that Direct does not offer PIP. For you Dish customers I found this –

    “DISH Player-DVR 921 is a dual-tuner satellite receiver that combines the power of digital video recorder (DVR) technology with the ability to receive and record high definition television programming directly from DISH Network and off-air digital broadcasts.
    * Combined standard definition (SD) and high definition (I two-tuner satellite receiver that proviths Picture-Irs-
    Picture {PIP}”

  8. Furniture City Red

    @renbutler: I like a PIP. Mainly for Reds Sunday afternoon games so I can have Football or golf in the small screen. I haven’t tried double play.

  9. jinaz

    The reason we went with dish over direct tv is the boat. After the introductory year, direct tv jacked their prices up dramatically over dish’s. Really rubbed me the wrong way–as I remember, the difference was ~$20/month after the first year. I may check into it again, though, since I’d love to get MLB network.

  10. Fireball

    I’m a happy DirecTV customer, especially after hearing about this. Outside of the whole Versus fiasco, which I never watch anyway, ithis never seems to happen with DirecTV. I agree that it costs more, but I think it’s worth it.

    As far as Sprts Pack goes, I usually purchase it in September and cancel it in March. That way, I can watch whatever college football and basketball I want in the fall/winter, because those games don’t get blacked out, along with the Spring Training games. Once you hit baseball regular season, there’s really no reason to pay for the Sports Pack.