(HT to Mark in cc. for the heads-up!)

We’ve taken the opportunity each of the past four offseasons to put Joe Nuxhall on the Ford C. Frick Hall of Fame ballot.

However, this year, the Hall of Fame decided to move the 2011 award vote to September 2010 with little fanfare nationally.

You can go here on Facebook to vote for Joe. We only have until September 30 to vote. In the past, you could vote once each day.

Electors are asked to base their selections on four criteria: (1) longevity; (2) continuity with a club; (3) honors, including awards and national assignments, such as the World Series and All Star-Games; and (4) popularity with the fans.

Of the ten 2010 finalists, Joe had the second longest career and the longest tenure with one club. Nuxy has been one of three fan-nominated finalists for 4 straight years.

Please take a minute and vote for Nuxhall!

I find it hard to believe that this was given NO attention locally in the Cincinnati media. In fact, in the Reds.com news archives on the day of the Hall of Fame press release, the only non-2010 Reds news pertains to Pete Rose’s ability to attend the 4,192 celebration. (And even that lacked any important details, like he wasn’t allowed to speak or that he was going to spend most of the night in a casino.)

Why is Nuxhall not getting local support for this campaign the past two years?

It’s possible that I just missed it entirely. If so, please let me know in the comment section who had reported that Nuxy was up for a fan vote again this year.

The bottom line is that we need to get the word out, vote for Joe, and make him a fan finalist for the 5th straight year!

2 Responses

  1. abner

    I don’t think they’ve done any advertising for this, or will be figuring out soon that the whole of their audience isn’t on Facebook (or super avid social media users in general). Nuxy has 4 votes total. But it only looks like a total of about 50 have been cast. So, yes, we can storm the gates int eh next few days and move him up int he polls. Oh and here’s the link (broken above) http://www.facebook.com/baseballhall

  2. abner

    Correction: as of 10 am PST, a total of 218 votes cast.
    Tom Cheek: 125 votes
    Bill King: 33 votes
    Joe Nuxhall: 29 votes
    Jacques Doucet: 22 votes
    and a smattering of 1’s and 2’s