Tonight’s the night. The Reds have an opportunity to clinch the NL Central Division championship with a win tonight against the Astronomicals. I’ll be there, as will many others, and a win would probably classify as the most fun I’ve ever had at the ol’ ballyard.

Edinson Volquez will pitch against our nemesis, Wandy Rodriguez — so Cincinnati’s work is cut out for them. This could be a fun night; hope you’ll follow along here in the game thread. See below the fold for information on what the Reds have planned for tonight, in the event the Reds clinch.

Here’s your game preview. Go Redlegs.

From the Enquirer:

Should the Reds win, there will be a fireworks show following the game and a 10-by-22-foot congratulatory banner will be placed inside the ballpark that fans will have the opportunity to sign.

Should the Reds lose to the Astros, they still could clinch the title if the Pirates were to beat the Cardinals. That game starts an hour later, and the Reds said that in that case, the stadium will remain open and fans will be able to watch a live broadcast of the Cardinals game on the scoreboard.

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  1. Ethan D

    Merry Clinchmas to all! I wish I could be there

  2. elyk

    ethan my sentiments exactly. wish i was there for the big one tonight.

  3. Ethan D

    Anyone know any websites that will sell NL Central Champs gear after they clinch?

    I need some of that stuff too

  4. redbucwildcats

    That’s how to start a game!

  5. abner

    Last time i was this stoked for a game was the first game of the St. Louis series they got swept. Hope the results are a bit different.

  6. TC

    Good 1st inning my Volquez. Forgot how to cover 1st, but not bad otherwise.

  7. TC

    Very interesting lineup with Phillips AND Bruce dropped to the bottom of the order.

  8. SchottGun

    I bought playoff tix today…terrified that the purchase will go ahead and jinx the team.

  9. MikeB

    Good eye by Stubbs. His plate discipline has improved.

  10. eastcoast redsfan

    Nice steal – a run here would be a great start.

  11. redbucwildcats

    8 more innings like that and its party time.

  12. MikeB

    Man, Cabrera is stiff out there in the field.

  13. MikeB

    Fluky inning there. Nothing was hit particularly hard. If Janish had been in there, they probably wouldn’t have scored.

  14. redbucwildcats

    He’s complaining about the call and is wasn’t even that close.

  15. Swatch

    Bruce’s was still better. At least in my mind.

  16. redbucwildcats

    Stubbs caught that in the palm of his glove. Wow!

  17. Glenn

    At least this is the last time the Reds face Wandy this year.

  18. MikeB

    I feel like the Reds would do better against Wandy if they never bothered swinging the bat.

  19. MikeB

    @Crutch23: Brandon never swung the bat, and he’s on 1st. Bruce should follow suit.

  20. MikeB

    Bruce should just try to bunt for hits against Wandy. He looks clueless.

  21. bho52

    @Crutch23: I hope so too

    @pinson343: Since nobody seems to be capable of hitting him at this point, should they just start working the count?

  22. Ethan D

    Wandy is just one of those guys that gets under my skin. Always have, always will.

    • MikeB

      Wandy is just one of those guys that gets under my skin. Always have, always will.

      I know. I hope we can somehow trade for him.

  23. MikeB

    I don’t want to pick on Bruce, but he seriously would be better off just putting the bat on his shoulder and hoping Wandy walks him…because he ain’t close.

  24. Steve Simon

    @Chris Garber: Gomes swung at ball 4 twice in a row, and Bruce swung at two balls (in Bruce’s defense, the ump called strike 2 on what was ball 3).

    The entire team has been swinging at balls all night long.

  25. Truman48

    Wandy Rodriguez is good but boy, oh boy, do the Reds make him look like Sandy Koufax.

    If the Reds are not going to be more patient than this they will have no chance.

  26. MikeB

    Why are these guys swinging at the first pitch? Or the second? This is getting really frustrating.

  27. Truman48

    One and two pitch ab’s. And has been pointed out, swinging at some balls, especially deep in the count.

  28. Truman48

    Reds 1 for 15 against Rodriquez with 8 k’s. I am glad he will not pitch in the playoffs.

  29. MikeB

    I assume that’s it for Volquez. If so, he did his job.

  30. Ethan D

    Man Volquez just has some nasty stuff

  31. Truman48

    Pittsburgh not really hitting Supan. I think the Cards come back.

  32. Truman48

    Rodriguez doing a great job of getting ahead of Votto.

  33. redbucwildcats

    MVottoP hitting with 2 strikes.

  34. Truman48

    You can tell they are anxious up there.

  35. Ben Rutler

    I’m feeling the need to check into RN tonight.

  36. Truman48

    Come on Gomes. We need some Good contact here.

  37. bho52

    If Gomes gets a hit I’m going with the mohawk for the playoffs

  38. Truman48

    Gomes needs to take a Valium before every game.

    No kidding.

  39. redbucwildcats

    C’mon Gomes. A hit here gets you the clinching sombrero.

    • redbucwildcats

      3-2 Pitt. Score on an error.

      Error? “You’re killin me, Smalls.”

  40. bho52

    Wandy’s pitch count is up to 96 already. At the very least, I think we’ve chased him after 6

  41. Swatch

    After those first three pitches, he went from “GOMES SMASH” to “Jonny Swing Good”. A pity it ended with a infield popup, but a good at bat.

  42. Truman48

    When doesn’t Gomes get underneath the baseball.

    Basically up to Brandon here with Bruce on deck.

  43. MikeB

    Not a great result for Gomes, but it was a 10 pitch AB and he didn’t GIDP. Could be worse.

  44. redbucwildcats

    Of course. Freaking Gomes. Please get someone to replace this guy next year. I’d be happy if anyone replaced him next week as well.

    While I support having a new LF in 2011, that was a good AB from Gomes, at least after 2 strikes.

  45. Swatch

    Sometimes its better to be lucky than good.

  46. redbucwildcats

    Look at the old man get down that line!

  47. Truman48

    Need some solid contact from Bruce. Come on Jay.

  48. elyk

    that how it works! let’s take care of this bruce

  49. MikeB

    Great job by Brandon.

    All I want from Bruce is a sac fly. Anything more is gravy.

  50. MikeB

    I’d have loved to see Phillips go hard into second and try to break up the DP.

  51. Truman48

    Why are they choking up on Rodriquez. Does he throw 100 mph?

  52. MikeB

    @Truman48: Because he’s hard to make good contact on. Gets them more bat control.

  53. Ethan D

    Honestly, I don’t really want to see Rhodes here

    • Ethan D

      Honestly, I don’t really want to see Rhodes here

      Well, I was wrong. I guess that’s why I’m not a MLB manager

  54. Truman48

    What’s it going to be tonight Arthur?

  55. Truman48

    That inning exemplifies why the Reds will not go far in the postseason.You’re lucky to get one good shot at a great picture during a game and you MUST take advantage of it.The Reds have shown more often than not that they just can’t do it.

    Bruce hit the ball hard. I would say it was more of a lucky break for Houston.

  56. MikeB

    @RedZeppelin: What about the inning on Sunday when they roughed up Richards? That last inning doesn’t exemplify anything.

  57. Ben Rutler

    Anyone else watching the frozen commercial for the past ten minutes?

  58. MikeB

    Good inning by Rhodes. If they’re going to use him, I think it needs to be a) at the start of an inning, or at least with no runners on, and b) with someone ready to come in after one batter if he doesn’t have it.

  59. Truman48

    Houston will not score in the top of the 7th….100% guaranteed

    So far you are correct on your predictions. Keep up the good work.

    I will predict that we see a rookie pinch hitter this inning.

  60. Ben Rutler

    I had to switch to my app on my iPhone because all I can see on Fox Sports Ohio is the commercial–still frozen.

    • renbutler

      I had to switch to my app on my iPhone because all I can see on Fox Sports Ohio is the commercial–still frozen.

      Come on over! The Reds should be clinching right as you get here…

  61. redbucwildcats

    If Rhodes can lock down the 7th like that, we might be playing 7 inning games in the playoffs (1-6,9).

  62. Truman48

    I’m watching the game on GameDay.
    I hear from you folks that Jay hit the ball hard, I have no complaints with him.
    The Reds had very good ABs in the 7th, tied the score, and got Wandy out of the game.


  63. Truman48

    Don’t like the rookie pinch hitters.

    • redbucwildcats

      Don’t like the rookie pinch hitters.

      Rather have them there with no on than later with baserunners.

      • Truman48

        I take back what I said. Should not be swinging at that pitch especially with Votto on deck. That stinks Cabrera.

  64. eastcoast redsfan

    With Nix and Edmonds hurt, the Reds dont have much for left handed pinch hitters.

  65. Truman48

    Crap. Just missed.

    But I like Cabrera here.

  66. renbutler

    I hate doubles off the top of the wall!


  67. Truman48

    They don’t want to face Votto so OC should see something good.

  68. renbutler

    They’re pitching around OC to get to Votto…


  69. redbucwildcats

    @Truman48: I like Juan in that role, I’ve seen him get a lot of key HR’s.

    He was my choice too, but I had no problem with Alonso.

  70. Ben Rutler

    This sucks! I’ve watched 90% of the games on Fox Sports Ohio without a glitch until the day we can clinch a playoff birth.

  71. renbutler

    The Phillies have officially chosen the 8-day NLDS schedule (which starts on Wednesday and has a game off between 1 and 2).

  72. renbutler

    The Reds are just setting this up to win on a walk-off…

    • bho52

      The Reds are just setting this up to win on a walk-off…

      I have that feeling too

    • renbutler

      They are just waiting until the 9th so Coco can’t blow the lead…

      Not that he likely would…

  73. Truman48

    Too much hacking there. Alonso and OC both made outs on pitcher’s pitches, with 0 strike counts.

    Yeah they really need to be more patient at the plate. It is frustrating because you can see there where it really, likely, cost them.

  74. Ben Rutler

    Had to reset my Dish to get it back on. That was odd. Just ONE channel was frozen while everything else worked. Of course, it was the ONE channel I wanted to watch. Ok, I’ll shut up now.

    Base hit Rolen!

  75. the shady j.d

    If i hear another person get mad at me for consistently calling Gomes the worst batter in the history of the world…well to heck with you…he is…by far

  76. renbutler

    What’s bothering you guys the most about Gomes? The 11-game hitting streak or the .272 in September?


  77. MikeB

    How awesome would a walk-off win be to clinch? They better not screw this up.

  78. redbucwildcats

    Another for the Pirates: 4-2 mid 6th

  79. bho52

    My champagne has been removed from the fridge, someone give me a reason to open it!

    • renbutler


    • redbucwildcats

      My champagne has been removed from the fridge, someone give me a reason to open it!

      You got your reason!

  80. elyk

    HOLY SHIT!!!!! BRUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. eastcoast redsfan

    Whomever called the walkoff an inning ago – go buy a lottery ticket.

  82. MikeB


  83. renbutler

    Milk is my celebration beverage of choice.

    Ben Rutler will probably agree when I say that MILK is the beverage of winners!

  84. Ben Rutler

    I finished a Corona already, but I may have another.

  85. elyk

    @elyk: now that was some CLASSIC BRUCE

    Amazing – one pitch, game over

    wish i was there

    • renbutler

      @elyk: now that was some CLASSIC BRUCEAmazing – one pitch, game overwish i was there

      I told Ben Rutler that we should go to tonight’s game!

      I backed out myself when I scored NLCS tickets this morning.

  86. John D.

    @Reds03: I feel your pain. Why can’t they show the post-game this one time.

  87. Jeff

    BBBBBBBRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best day of my Reds fandom!!!!!!! Never thought I would see this. 😀 😀 😀

  88. boileref

    9/28/2010 at 8:28 pm
    Bruce should just try to bunt for hits against Wandy. He looks clueless