Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 3
San Diego 4

WP: Gregerson (4-7)
LP: Rhodes (4-4)
S: Bell (44)


It’s too late to do a full recap, so just a coupla thoughts…

–Aroldis Chapman is the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen on a baseball field in my life. He came in the game in the bottom of the 8th, after Arthur Rhodes and Nick Masset had already vomited all over the Reds one-run lead. With the Padres up one, and with two runners on base, Chapman came in the game to face San Diego’s stud first baseman, Adrian Gonzalez.

Pitch one: 101 MPH. Strike one.
Pitch two: 102 MPH. Strike two.
Pitch three: 103 MPH. Strike three. See you later. Sit down, Gonzalez.

In the next inning, Chapman was even more impressive, if that’s possible. He hit 105 on the gun once, 104 several times (here‘s Keith Law‘s radar gun reading); in all, Chapman threw 25 pitches and every single one of them was more than 100 MPH. Just an incredible display, and the most enjoyable part may have been listening to the ooohs and aaahs after every pitch from the San Diego crowd.

Now you know why we say Chapman should be this team’s closer. He can do things no one else in the world can do.

–As I mentioned above, the bullpen screwed things up again. I’m concerned about this bullpen as the Reds head into the playoffs.

–Bronson Arroyo pitched well, but Dusty removed him after 5 innings and 70 pitches and handed the game to the bullpen. A dumb decision? Perhaps, but the Reds had runners on and a chance to score in the top of the sixth, so the decision to pinch-hit is certainly defensible. (The pinch-hitter, Miguel Cairo, drove in the go-ahead run.)

–A winnable game, so losing it is disappointing. Either way, the magic number is 3, and the Reds play tomorrow afternoon. Go Redlegs.

15 Responses

  1. Truman48

    Reds” author Joel Luckhaupt

    All those infield hits will disguise what a horrible offensive performance it was last night. Really the only run they earned was Stubbs’ homer.

    I hope Votto is back tonight.

  2. redsntn

    Ok everyone, I’m nervous about getting into the post-season, let alone once/if we get in, here’s a look at our record against the potential opponents. So far this season, we are 2-5 against the Rockies, 3-4 against the Giants, 2-5 against the Phillies, 2-3 against the Braves, and 1-3 against the Padres with 2 games left. That’s 10-20 against post-season opponents with 2 games left. And if you throw in the Cardinals, which we are 6-12, we are 16-32 with 2 games left. Not good, my friends, not good!!! Anyone nervous over this? One final thought, the final 6 home games are against Astros, who we are 8-4 against and Brewers, who we are 9-2 against.

  3. StephyLuvsReds

    Chapman was amazing! I was at the game last night and even the Padres fans were super excited to watch the Cuban Missile.

  4. MikeB

    I hate to say it, but I think it’s time to shut Rhodes down. Or at the most, use him as a situational lefty to get one guy out. Dusty got too cute with the bullpen last night.

  5. Python Curtus

    They better get Chapman to mix his speeds more. You can’t go thru a whole season throwing 100+. You can’t even get thru a 3 game series doing that

  6. jimredsfan@q.com

    Got to watch the game last night, out here on the left coast. You are right on Pinson, those 2 walks killed us.

  7. MikeB

    @Dave Lowenthal: Well, I hate to be a second guesser, but I’d have preferred to just have let Ondrusek pitch the 6th, Chapman the 7th, Masset the 8th, and (gulp) Cordero the 9th. All relief pitchers are typically better when they start an inning, as opposed to coming in to get a few outs (even if there is no one on base). Keep it simple, have the next guy warmed up in case the guy out there gets in trouble, but plan on just letting each guy pitch one inning.

  8. Ethan D

    I never saw so many infield hits by us, our version of small ball. I didn’t know Cairo could run that fast.

    Whenever Cairo is running I hear those Flintstones bongos

  9. Ethan D

    I’m still really curious to why Chapman didn’t throw any sliders. He gets the funniest swings and so many buckled knees on that pitch

  10. renbutler

    After some Little League defense by the Cards, the Cubs take a 4-3 lead!

  11. MikeB

    @Dave Lowenthal: Dave, you have a point, except that right now, any other hitter on the roster is a better leadoff option than Phillips. And I mean that literally. Over the long term, Stubbs is not the leadoff answer, but until Phillips is right, they could even put Ramon there and be better off.

  12. renbutler

    Larussa delayed an inning in Chicago by whining like a little bee-otch to umpire Joe West. The Cubs announcers are flummoxed.

  13. renbutler

    Two-out magic!

    5-3 Cubs

    Carpenter nearly 100 pitches through 3.2.