The Reds have planned a special event when the team returns home:

The Cincinnati Reds have a special evening planned for our Twitter fans during the final home stand of the season. Catch the Reds vs. Astros on Tuesday, September 28th in our special TweetUp Section at Great American Ball Park along with several of Cincinnati’s favorite Sports Bloggers and Tweeters. The group will be located in the Sun/Moon Deck seats (section 145) where seats are only $11 (regularly $22). There will be many “celebrity tweeters” on hand to participate in the night’s festivities and greet fans.

Redleg Nation (Twitter handle: redlegnation; creative, huh?) will be among the “celebrity tweeters” in attendance. I know…right? That’s the term the Reds used, and who am I to argue about our celebrity status? Others: Lance McAlister, Mo Egger, OMGreds, Red Reporter, Rontina McCann from Fox 19, as well as Lisa Braun and Jamie Ramsey from the Reds.

Anyway, the point is that if you buy tickets for this, they are half-price; the section is 145 (out in the moon deck), and the price is only $11 per ticket. Eleven bucks to hang out with a Redleg Nation editor? That’s a bargain, baby.

Should be a fun time. If nothing else, it’s interesting to see the Reds work the social networking side of the aisle. It’s creative, I’ll give ’em that.