I just noticed that the Reds, as a team, rank first in  WPA (Win Probability Added – glossary) on FanGraphs.

What does this mean?  Does it mean that over the season, the Reds have done the most to dramatically improve their game situations, and/or had the least amount of dramatic collapses?  There are separate lists for both WPA+ (good events) and WPA- (bad events).  The Reds don’t rank at the top/bottom of either, but their combined number is the best.

So, to the number experts:  Tell us what this means.  I think it means that the Reds had a ton of big/late comebacks, and fewer big collapses than we may have expected, given recent bullpen performance.

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  1. Chad Dotson

    I have no idea whatsoever (I guess I don’t need to add the disclaimer at this point that I’m not a “number expert”), and I can’t tell if it’s meaningful at all.

    Sorry for wasting your time with this comment, I guess.

  2. TheNatural

    For team-WPA, all you’re doing is adding up the individual players’ WPAs. Look at two of the top 3 in team WPA…Braves and Reds. If I’m not mistaken, the Braves and us lead MLB in come from behind wins. It’s pretty simple.

  3. MikeB

    What it means is that Joey Votto is really really really good, and is most definitely the MVP. His WPA is 6.70. The next best Red is Rolen, at 2.74. All the other regulars are either fairly close to average, give or take. Votto actually leads the majors in WPA. A huge chunk of the Reds lead in this category can be attributed to Votto.

    Also, the stat you linked to is only hitters WPA, so it has nothing to do with bullpen performance.

  4. TheNatural

    @MikeB: Agreed on Votto. His WPA is nearly double that of Carlos Gonzalez. The next NL player is Adrian Gonzalez at 5.18. Rolen is 9th. If you were ever trying to sabermetrically define “clutch”, this would be a good start.

  5. dom zanni

    wpa means the following
    w means Ray Washburn ace pitcher without whom the reds would never have won in 1970
    p means Bill Plummer who should have recived more acclaim
    A is Mike Anderson stalwart Reds reliever