Drew Stubbs is one of the streakiest Reds hitters this year. He seems to get a lot of negative attention when he’s in an offensive slump, but very little press when he is hitting well. If you hadn’t noticed, he’s been hitting very well lately.

With his 1 for 4 performance on Thursday afternoon:
–He has now reached base in 18 consecutive games
–During that streak, he’s hit .318/.403/.515 (avg/obp/slg)
–During a streak dating back to August 1, he’s hit .304/.373/.512 in 36 games

For the season, Stubbs is batting .249 AVG with a .741 OPS, which is better than the league average (.732) of all NL centerfielders. You also can’t forget that he’s the third best centerfielder in the NL (as measured by total zone rating on baseball-reference.com.)

The Reds have a very good, all-around centerfielder, who is doing this at age 25 in his first full major league season.

The chart below shows how his OPS has progressed over the course of the season. The horizontal black line represents the current league average of NL centerfielders for reference. The blue line below shows his OPS “streaks” over his last 30 games throughout the course of the season. Because he got off to such a slow start in April, you can see his red line (2010 season OPS) has been below average for most of the season, even though he’s had multiple streaks with an OPS above .800.

I didn’t look at this for all Reds players, but I thought it would be interesting to compare his chart to that of Jonny Gomes. The direction of Gomes OPS has been coming down gradually all season. Thanks to a hot start, his 2010 OPS has spent most of the season above that of the league average (.770) left fielder. But he has been in a slump since the end of June and hasn’t had a 30-day period of play better than league average. Gomes has been stuck in the .600-.700 OPS range for most of the second half of the season.