I know many of you are tired (with good reason) of the Pete Rose saga. For many of you (including myself), he was the heartbeat of baseball for twenty or more years, beginning in 1963. For others, he’s the distraction of the late 1980’s, the player who’s personal arrogance was a detriment to the game you love. For others, he’s the poster boy of the little brat that won’t go away when he’s stayed around longer than necessary. I respect all those feelings.

However, with the weekend celebration in Cincinnati, Major League Baseball and Bud Selig may have a new bridge to cross. Below are some links to the Enquirer:

–Former Reds roast Pete Rose.

–Reds celebrate Rose’s 4192

But, not only those pieces….Rose has publicly apologized and others have noticed:

–Rose’s apology

–ESPN.com’s Buster Olney addresses baseball’s “fuzzy standards” (be certain to read the Ty Cobb betting “cleared” story for what Buster’s really saying about the incident)

–MLB.com’s story, including quotes from Brandon Phillips

Sports Illustrated’s rare photos of Rose (including a photo of Rose in a Padres hat?)

Chicago Tribune offers four viewpoints on the Rose situation

–Here’a story from the New York Daily News from July, 2009, that I had not seen, which may shed some light on this past weekend’s activities and comments. In the past, Mike Schmidt has supported Rose’s Hall of Fame induction. It appears that Joe Morgan, Frank Robinson, and Hank Aaron all may be talking with Bud Selig about Rose’s possible enshrinement.