Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

FINAL — 12 innings
Pittsburgh 3
Cincinnati 4

WP: Smith (3-2)
LP: Ledezma (0-2)

–An absolutely outstanding start for Homer Bailey, and it happened on a night when the Reds really needed it. Over seven innings, Homer gave up just one run on five hits. He struck out 9, and walked none. Just a brilliant outing.

Too bad CoCo screwed everything up again.

–Two hits and an RBI for Paul Janish, and a ton of hustle. I love that guy.

–Aroldis Chapman made the Pirates look silly in his one inning of work. His slider is simply unhittable.

–Fortunately, Arthur Rhodes is a complete stud. He came in and saved the game after Cordero tried his best to lose it. Two batters, two outs, and the game remained tied going into the bottom of the ninth. The Pirates would not score again.

–Chris Heisey looked pretty bad at the plate tonight (once again), but in the bottom of the twelfth, he noticed the 3B playing deep and put down a bunt. He beat the throw for a leadoff single, and eventually scored the winning run. It was a smart play.

–Excellent outing for Nick Masset, after yesterday’s disaster. Kudos to Logan Ondrusek, too.

–Why is it that Paul Maholm confounds the Reds, and no one else?

–Francisco Cordero. Seventh blown save. Sigh….

–Phew. That would have been a devastating loss, after being up by 2 over the worst team in the league in the bottom of the ninth. Instead of a bad loss, however:

–The Cardinals lost yet again, so the Reds are up by six games, and their magic number has dropped to seventeen. Is everyone resting a bit easier?

–Yes, it was against the Pirates, but I can’t stress enough how big Homer Bailey’s performance was tonight. He didn’t get the win, but it was a great effort.

–Arthur Rhodes can barely walk on that foot of his. He is such a man. Keeps gutting through the intense pain, and getting batters out. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe Rhodes effort this year.

–Joey Votto celebrated his birthday by having a pretty bad game. We still love him, though. 🙂