Friend of Redleg Nation Mark Sheldon asks the million dollar question: Are you worried?

The short answer: of course not. Cincinnati is six games up with twenty-three games to go. Our magic number is nineteen. This is an incredible position in which to be.

Am I happy with the way this team has been playing lately? Well, no. Of course not. They’ve been playing sloppy, and making dumb mistakes on the basepaths and on defense. There have also been some questionable roster management decisions made by the brains in charge, which isn’t helping matters in the middle of a pennant race.

However, there is something all Reds fans need to remember; it’s something that every coach worth his salt tells his team over the course of a long season. A team is never as good as it looks on their best day, and they are never as bad as they look on their worst day.

This team has bounced back time and time again this season. There is no reason to believe they won’t bounce back this time. Certainly, there are reasons to be concerned, but not overly so. Cincinnati is going to return home to play Pittsburgh and Arizona. If the poor play continues in those series — and if that is combined with the Cardinals suddenly remembering how to play baseball — well, then we may want to worry.

Until then, I would urge Reds fans not to get so high with the wins and so low with the regular season losses. Soon enough, the playoffs will be here, and those games really will be tension-filled, win-or-go-home affairs.

I can’t wait.