(Please don’t let me jinx Votto…) Rob Neyer of ESPN.com’s Sweet Spot is reporting a link and story that says the Reds’ Joey Votto has not had an infield popup this year. AND, for his career, he averages hitting 167 balls into play for every infield pop up he’s hit.

The young man can just hit. So, why did the Reds keep him in AAA through age 23 after he’d hit .319 with 22 homers in Chattanooga in 2006 at age 22? His OPS was .956; team OPS was .721; I mean the WHOLE team hit 95 home runs and Homer Bailey had a 1.59 ERA. I guess those veterans Scott Hatteberg and Jeff Conine were pretty indispensable players on that 72-90 team.