Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 2
Colorado 9

WP: Cook (6-8)
LP: Arroyo (14-10)


–Too numerous to list.

–The Reds are playing some terrible baseball right now. Fortunately, the Cardinals flat-out stink. St. Louis got destroyed by Milwaukee tonight, and the Reds cut their magic number despite tonight’s disastrous game.

–Teams go through these funks during a long season, and this isn’t the first time the Reds have done this. The Rockies are a good team, especially at home. No reason to draw any grand conclusions about the Reds based on these last three games.

–If the Reds can win tomorrow, they will climb aboard their plane with a 6.5 game lead in the NL Central. If I hear anyone complain about that, I will ban that person immediately. 🙂

–Mostly, however, I just look forward to the Reds actually boarding that plane and getting the heck out of Colorado.

–One thing: as you can probably tell, I’m making a sincere effort to look at the glass as half-full. I’m getting pretty irritated, though, about the fact that the Reds are trying to win a pennant, and yet they think it’s a good idea to play with three outfielders on the roster. Someone is asleep at the wheel. Period.

Oh, but at least Louisville has some outfielders so they can make a playoff run. That’s clearly more important than Cincinnati’s playoff chase.*

–I love the Cincinnati Reds.

*Sarcasm provided for free!