MLB Trade has linked a very nicely-done article on Reds GM Walt Jocketty published on September 2 in the New York Times. It discusses Jocketty’s influences and his relationships to others in the baseball business. It’s a very good read.

Rob Neyer of’s Sweet Spot, and one of my favorite writers, has a post on Rob Dibble’s comments about Stephen Strasburg. I know everyone’s coming down on Dibble, and I realize times have changed, but we all love the stories of those players playing through pain. I am in no way saying that he was right, but the question begs as to how a player or a team knows when to shut a player down?

Neyer and the Wall Street Journal Daily Fix blog discuss Aroldis Chapman and his 105 mph fastball, too. There seems to be lingering doubts. Folks are suggesting that “juiced radar guns” are now being used. I didn’t remember this, but the Wall Street blogger says Dibble hit 105 back in his heyday. Bill James (on his site) says he’d like to see it with his own eyes. There are lots of built in links if you want to read more. Here’s an interview with Dusty Baker from MLB Fanhouse, too