Couldn't you just stare at this all day? (9-02-10)

–This has been the best couple of weeks to be a Reds fan in at least 15 years, maybe 20. I’m having a blast.

— If you’re like me, your hair is going prematurely gray. Also, you love Calvin & Hobbes. I present: The Calvin & Hobbes Search Engine.

— It’s a couple of days old, but FanGraphs treatment of the Legend of Aroldis Chapman is worth a read: Myth and Legend, Meet Cincinnati.

— This has been floating around for a while, but I liked it: The 30 worst baseball cards of all time. There are a ton I remember that are worse (Mike LaCoss, 1984 Topps), but these are good. I’m glad they included Oscar Gamble.

That brings up a memory. When I was in law school, one of the guys I lived with brought from home a big box of baseball cards. They were all late-70s, early 80s cards, and there were plenty of gems in there, including the aforementioned Gamble. We took that box and pasted them to one entire wall of our apartment; it was our Baseball Card Wall, and it was a great conversation piece.

And now you have heard the one somewhat-happy memory I have from law school.

— There has been a Bigfoot sighting, and this one seems legit. Govern yourselves accordingly.

— I’m not a huge fan of Danny McBride, an actor who has been in a couple of movies I like (Tropic Thunder, Pineapple Express). Since I didn’t really care for him, I never took the time to watch Eastbound & Down, his HBO series.

That was a mistake. Eastbound & Down is belly-laugh hilarious. McBride plays Kenny Powers, a washed-up former MLB pitcher (in the mold of John Rocker) who thinks he is still a superstar. It’s very funny, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming start of season two.

On a related note, I found out something funny yesterday. A friend of mine has a younger brother who has pitched in the big leagues for the last few years. He’s a big guy, throws hard, but he was unable to catch on with another team this year. Yesterday, I discovered that they now call him Kenny Powers. That cracks me up. (I won’t tell you who the guy is, unless someone guesses correctly.)

— ESPN’s Page 2 had some National League logo revisions. Some are pretty cool. Some are exceptionally lame.

— I’m halfway through season two of Arrested Development. Good grief, that show was funny. Why didn’t I watch it when it was actually on television? Why didn’t anyone else watch it?

— I remain disappointed that the Reds couldn’t even draw 20,000 bodies for any of the three games of the Milwaukee series sweep. As I mentioned before, this has been the best couple of weeks to be a Reds fan in at at least fifteen years. I’ve heard all the excuses, and many of them are completely reasonable, but is it possible that Cincinnati isn’t as good a “baseball town” as advertised?