Have you recovered from the excitement of Aroldis Chapman’s debut last night? Wasn’t that the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen? Combined with two great defensive plays in the ninth, and the St. Louis loss, those last couple of innings have put the Nation into a permanent frenzy, it seems. Fun, fun, fun.

Our intrepid manager summed up what we all were feeling:

“A lot of times, you hear hype and you’re disappointed,” Dusty Baker said. “We weren’t disappointed.

No, we weren’t disappointed. I loved this quote from Ryan Hanigan (via C. Trent’s story):

“That thing … that pitch … that’s a whole different ballgame,” Hanigan said. “His breaking ball is what people should be talking about. His slider is absolutely ridiculous. He’s got to be able to throw it for a strike and he’s got to get into counts where we can call it. So getting ahead is big, but if he can throw that breaking ball for a strike … good luck. It’s a hammer. I saw it in Triple-A. It’s 88-to-93. It’s moving about a foot and a half. That’s not something that anyone wants to hit. I don’t care how good you are.”

Francisco Cordero didn’t think it was any big deal. In fact, CoCo said he’d gotten up to 102 before…in his Ferrari.

Best take on Chapman, however, came from Big League Stew:

His stuff is real … and it’s spectacular.

Indeed. The Phenom has arrived.