The following picture comes from Swatch, a Loyal Citizen of Redleg Nation who has submitted an assortment of photoshopped Reds photos to me this season.  He is credited with the Paul Janish and Chris Heisey sombrero images.  With Bruce on a tear over the past few weeks, Swatch submitted this b-e-a-utiful photoshop job of Jay Bruce.

Nice work, Swatch!

9 Responses

  1. Furniture City Red

    Nice work Swatch…For sure.

  2. Dave Lowenthal

    I can’t stop thinking about the scene on the boat in the movie…”I’m here with Kathyrn Hepburn’s mother…”

    Awesome photoshop.

  3. jimkang

    awesome photoshop… Does anyone know where I can find a good reds desktop wallpaper? All has are GABP wallpapers from like 2003. I want a wallpaper from 2010! Maybe Redleg Nation can have a wallpaper contest and the creative members can create some so I can proudly display my love for the reds at work? 😀

  4. Chad Dotson

    @jimkang: One of our devoted readers submitted some wallpapers last week. I’ve been meaning to link all of them up, but haven’t had time yet. I’ll try to get to that today.

  5. Jared

    What is the plan for Chapman? He’s not starting tonight, is he?

  6. Dave Lowenthal

    @Jared: I’m going to bet my house Chapman pitches today. (In relief.)

  7. Jared

    I can see Kiss in Chicago for $26. I hate Kiss, but I don’t think I can pass that up.

  8. mike

    RF has been somewhat of a weak position in baseball over the last 2 years. I thought last year Bruce could turn out to be one of the best RFers in the game but then he got hurt.
    Add to that I read someones article looking at Bruce’s batted ball distances and trajectories pre and post his wrist injury and the #s were shocking. There was a long discussion of how long it can take a hitter to recover from a bad wrist injury and some indicated a full year. Well, right after the article was posted Bruce’s power came back and it’s been about a year since the injury.

    His current hot hitting has caused him to climb up the list of productive RFers and where he sits on the season is impressive

    Bruce is the 7th most productive RF this season out of 25 regulars.

    Yea he’s right ahead of Upton and Ichiro and right behind Werth, Swisher and Heyward

    His 3.4 WAR is behind only Votto, Rolen and Phillips on the Reds

    His current hot streak in which he’s hitting
    .403/.479/.839 for a 1.318 over the teams last 19 games in which he started 16.

    This numbers are absolutely ridiculous