Here at Redleg Nation, we’ve always enjoyed chronicling some of the absurd jerseys people wear to Reds games. This weekend at Great American Ballpark, we were able to add a couple more to the list (and this doesn’t even include the RN editor who wore a Pokey Reese jersey; we forgot to snap a picture). Click each thumbnail to embiggen:

Stan Belinda? He was a great guy (and we’re still rooting for him in his current health fight), but really? You’re still wearing that?

I’m disappointed that this guy isn’t wearing leather pants.

While I’m thinking about it, I’m going to be collecting all these in one page soon, and link it at the top of the page…like RN Around The World, which had a couple of new submissions lately that I hadn’t mentioned yet. Check it out, and feel free to submit your photos for either page.