The Cincinnati Reds announced on Saturday that starting pitcher Edinson Volquez would not make his scheduled start today, and that Travis Wood is going to pitch in his place on normal rest. Volquez is moving to the bullpen to find his command, a role many advocated that he should have been in from the start.

We looked at Edinson Volquez’s career back in July. The table below shows his Reds splits leading up to the 2008 all-star break, from all-star break to the 2009 injury, and his 8 starts since coming back from Tommy John surgery.

Period G/GS ERA WHIP IP HR/9 BB/9 K/9 K/BB
Pre AS ’08 20/19 2.29 1.24 117.2 0.4 4.3 9.6 2.25
AS ’08 – 2009 22/22 4.50 1.41 128.0 1.1 4.9 8.9 1.84
2010 8/8 6.17 1.97 35.0 1.5 6.9 9.3 1.33

The fast track to the rotation appears to have been a bad move. Pitchers needs 12-18 months for recovery, no matter how fast they “heal”, naturally or otherwise.

And why are they talking about activating Aaron Harang, who has yet to have a decent rehab appearance, to start against the Brewers this week instead of Matt Maloney?