After that Cardinals debacle, we were all eager for the off-day. The Reds just concluded a very successful 6-3 west coast road trip, yet I’m no less in need of a day off. These last few games have exhausted me, in every way.

So…let’s have an open thread. Discuss whatever you want; I’m just going to ramble a bit here.

— You may have noticed the “RN Around The World” tab up at the top. If not, check it out. It contains the first few submissions for this project (thanks to the Loyal Citizens who submitted!), from Chicago, San Francisco, Japan, and Iraq. Good stuff.

— When the Giants came back to take the lead yesterday, I could have used a drink of this 100-year-old Scotch that was pulled from Antarctic ice.

— I really enjoyed this piece by Scott Miller over at CBS Sports about Joey Votto. The season Votto has had just continues to amaze me. I expected a good season, but nothing like this…and did you see his post-game interview last night? He deflects all attention and praise from himself, mentions teammates by name for their contributions. Just very, very classy.

Time for a long-term contract, Bob Castellini….

— Do you remember The Kids In The Hall? Those guys were hilarious…and they’re back!

— We have been twittering up a storm, both on the Redleg Nation account, and at the personal accounts of some of the editors (me, Chris G., Chris W.). You gotta love this Twitter parody: Historical Tweets, including this one from Abraham Lincoln.

Really interesting piece here, from Sports Illustrated, about the 1992 Dream Team, and a recent reunion, of sorts.

— People are strange. Did you know that? Well, here’s confirmation: real search queries by real people. Bizarre.

Hungover Owls!

— This is great, in an awful sort of way: Awful Library Books.

— Many of you use Facebook; I still can’t get into it, but I’m trying. This, however, I enjoyed: 15 of the Funniest Facebook Questions.

— Bobby Thomson passed away recently. In his honor: Shot heard ’round the world.

— Time Magazine had this list of the Top 50 websites. Strangely, Redleg Nation didn’t make the cut, but our favorite, Baseball Reference, did.

5 UFO Sightings That Even Non-Crazy People Find Creepy.

That’s enough for today. Be sure to make your recommendations for the RN pre-game Get-Together this Saturday.