At the bottom of this post, I’m going to publish a couple of reader submissions (click on the thumbnails to see the full image). Good stuff.

Also, I’ve been thinking for a couple of years about adding a feature to the Nation: Worldwide Redlegs, or whatever other dumb name we can come up. It’s based on this, which is a collection of submitted photos from UVa fans wearing their V-Sabres caps and shirts around the globe. What do you think? Maybe a fun way to make this more of a community?

I think I have a picture somewhere of my brother at the Great Wall of China with a Reds cap on. I’ll try to find that to get us started, but if you have any pictures of you anywhere in the world, from Big Stone Gap, VA to Moscow, feel free to send it to me at dotsonc AT gmail DOT com.

There are some other things we could do (like this). Any ideas?