When I played, I was the rare one-tool player; I could rake the infield with the best of them.

The Reds have some players with some legitimate tools, and that was recognized recently by Baseball America in their annual ratings of the “Best Tools.” Check out all the fun and hilarity here. A sample, from the NL rankings:

–Best Hitter: Joey Votto is rated #2, behind Albert Pujols.
–Best Power: Adam Dunn, #1.
–Best Muddy Waters Impression: Dusty Baker rated #2, behind Craig Counsell.
–Best Defensive 2B: Brandon Phillips, #1.
–Best Defensive 3B: Scott Rolen, #2
–Best Hair: Edinson Volquez and Jonny Gomes tied for #2, behind Ryan Franklin’s chin.
–Best Outfield Arm: Jay Bruce, #2

*I may have made up a couple of those. You’ll never know which ones.