Micah Owings was designated for assignment today to make room on the forty-man roster for Yasmani Grandal.

I’m not surprised — I predicted as much last night in the thread linked above — but I’m disappointed nonetheless. Micah Owings is one of the good guys, and he’s never really been given a good opportunity by the Reds, in my opinion. Dusty Baker kept jerking him around; it was as if the organization could never find the right fit for his particular skills. Oh well.

This doesn’t mean that the Reds are going to lose Owings. If they are able to hang onto him, I’d love to see the Reds try to get creative and work him out as a hitter (John Fay suggested something similar in his post on the subject). Frankly, if I were Owings, I’d be asking for that opportunity, although I think there’s evidence that Owings can be an effective major league pitcher in the right role. Just not sure if he’s going to get that chance again.

I hope the Reds don’t lose Owings, but if they do, I wish the big guy the best of luck. He was fun to watch, at the plate, at least.