I’m a big fan of ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd. I don’t always agree with him — especially since he’s constantly hammering the Virginia football program and fan base (of which I am a member) — and isn’t always right (sometimes he just tries to be contrary/play the devil’s advocate)…but he’s a great radio broadcaster and always entertaining.

Well, evidently, he called the Reds “frauds” today or yesterday or sometime. I don’t know the context, as I work for a living and didn’t hear the comments, but Paul Daugherty is up in arms about it.

I’m a little bemused by this manufactured “controversy”, but I’ll let you tell me: are the Reds frauds? Of course not. They aren’t the best team in the league, but they are an up and coming franchise and they’ve earned their current spot in the standings (i.e., it hasn’t been done with smoke and mirrors). I guess if people are comparing Cincinnati with the New Yorks and Tampa Bays of the world…well, maybe the Reds aren’t in that rarified air. Yet.

It cracks me up to see people go nuts over stuff like this, though. Cowherd says things like that to get a reaction. That’s his business, and it’s good radio. But really, come on fans; who cares what some guy says about the Reds? Cincinnati will prove on the field whether they are frauds or not, and we’ll root ’em on regardless. Why get worked up over this nonsense?

Evidently, Cowherd also called Daugherty a “local hack”. I’ll let you write your own punchline to that one.