Has there ever been an off-day that we needed more? The players need it, sure, but the fans need it just as much. Getting so pumped up for a series, only to be deflated like that…well, you’re only human if you don’t even want to think about the Reds today.

What I like about you guys, however…you really know how to dance. Also, I love the fact that you are back here at Redleg Nation one day after our guys got drubbed mercilessly. You’re ready for more. You guys are the very definition of true fans.

–I’m so sick of how many fans have turned on Brandon Phillips, in the space of three days. What is this, high school volleyball? BP’s words caused the Reds to commit errors, miss cut-off men, make mental mistakes, and create out after out after out at the plate? Aren’t these guys professionals?

Give me a break. Phillips deserves his share of the blame for the crap sandwich prepared by Cincinnati, but only because he hit as poorly as everyone else. Not because of what he said. (I don’t think I’m ever going to get accustomed to defending BP. Feels weird.)

–As Chris noted in the comments, here’s the “Reds-Cardinals ‘Brawl’ Derided For Your Pleasure.” Good stuff.

–I have a miniature plastic Tom Servo on my desk. If you know who Tom Servo is, you’re my friend.

–If you want to pin the blame for the Cardinal series on one person, you need to forget Phillips and train your gaze on left field. I like Jonny Gomes, a lot, but I have never seen a player play as poorly as Gomes did these last three days.

Did you see this guy at the Astros game who ducked out of the way of a foul ball, allowing it to hit his girlfriend? She picked a real winner there.

–If you missed this RR interview with CNati.com founders C. Trent Rosecrans and Lee Heidel, you should go read it now. Very interesting for a lot of reasons.

I’m pretty bummed that those guys couldn’t make CNati work. I like to think that there is a demand for the product they were offering, i.e., in-depth local sports reporting. Yeah, we’re getting that stuff from the Enquirer, and it’s often very good, but the more voices the better, I say. Sad to see it come to an end like this.

What do you think? Is there a market out there for this?

This is great.*

–I’ve been trying to work my way through some of the music suggestions you offered in a previous edition of NSRT (I really have to come up with a better name for this feature). So far, I’ve found one band that stays in my head: The Hold Steady. These guys are great.

I’m leaning toward falling for Arcade Fire, but I need to listen more.

–I’ve mentioned here a few times that I wish Cincinnati had an NBA franchise. Well, the Queen City doesn’t, so I’m a 76ers fan for some reason. Unfortunately, that organization is a bigger dumpster fire than anyone other than the Clippers. Just yesterday, they hired Rod Thorn as team president. Thorn, of course, recently left the Nets after running that organization into the ground. What a mess.

–Anyone get Madden 11 yet? Reviews? What about NCAA Football 11?

I like college football more than the pros, but I don’t like the generic players in the video games. Also, my team (Virginia) is a bigger mess than the 76ers, so I’m not sure it would be much fun to play the NCAA game. At least Virginia has a promising new coach (Mike London; love the guy), so the future is brighter.

–I’m glad I didn’t attend any of these high schools, although I’m not sure any of those mascots can top the Fluvanna Flying Flucos (who we played in the state basketball tournament one year).

–I’ve made fun of Facebook here many times, whereupon fellow editors Bill Lack and Chris Garber usually mock me. Tell me why I need to use Facebook; I want to hear the pros and cons. Why should I prefer it to Twitter?

I kinda like Twitter (follow me and Redleg Nation now!), but I’m open-minded enough to listen to a defense of the merits of Facebook.

(And if you want to be my Facebook friend, here you go.)

–Finalized information coming this afternoon about the RN Get-Together at GAB. Stay tuned.

*Turns out it’s a hoax. Entertaining, though.