I love this, from ESPN’s story on the brawl: “La Russa wasn’t happy with Phillips’ comment and mentioned it to Reds general manager Walt Jocketty, who worked with him in St. Louis.”

Let me translate that for you: “LaRussa wasn’t happy with being called a whiner, so he went and whined to Walt Jocketty.”

Good grief. These idiots can’t help themselves, can they? I don’t commonly use the term Brandon Phillips used, but there really is no better, more descriptive term for the Cardinals, is there?

I will say this…there have been rumors that LaRussa might manage the Reds someday. If that happens, I will shut down Redleg Nation until LaRussa is gone. Maybe I will turn RN into a Cincinnati Cyclones site or something. But I won’t waste my time writing about Tony LaRussa every day. I would rather have Dusty Baker as our manager for the next fifteen years.

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