I’m away from home and posting this on a BlackBerry, but there is something I just had to say:

Screw the Cardinals.

I really don’t like the Cardinals. All of a sudden, it occurs to me that I dislike St. Louis more than the Cubs. I hate their whining and complaining. I really can’t stand Chris Carpenter, who is just a whiny little girl. I want to see Laynce Nix or Jonny Gomes get their hands on Carpenter.

I can’t link Brandon Phillips’ comments about the Cardinals (because of the limitations of the BlackBerry), but I fully endorse the sentiment behind what BP said.

The Cardinals think the NL Central is their entitlement. It is high time that someone disabuse them of that notion. It is up to the Reds.

I hope Cincinnati beats the devil out of St. Louis tonight. Screw the Cardinals.