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  1. RiverCity Redleg

    The Hiroshima Toyo Carps are my new favorite Japanese baseball team! 😀

  2. Steve

    Great catch. Nice video.

    Why are their team names written in English on their jersey?

  3. hoosierdad

    The most amazing thing was not falling off the fence and into the bullpen area. If he had fallen over the fence and out of play, then it would be a home run, I assume. Although, when a ballplayer goes into the stands to catch a foul ball and hangs on it is an out. Anyone know for sure?

  4. Reds03

    It’s a Chinese commercial, it’s fake.

  5. DenL42

    I bought a Hiroshima Toro Carp shirt when I was in Japan, just because their hats are just like the Reds caps. Sadly, the Carp are also similar to the Reds in that they haven’t had a good year in a long time.

    Baseball T-shirts are surprisingly hard to find in Japan.