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Cuban fireballer Aroldis Chapman is close to being ready to be called to the big leagues, said Reds general manager Walt Jocketty.

The Reds have received “very good” reports on him, he said.

“The reports are he’s adapting and feeling more comfortable down there (coming out of the bullpen),” Jocketty said.

It’s just a matter of some refinement for Chapman now – getting 100 percent command and consistency.

The biggest thing for Chapman coming into these pennant-race games is being able to throw strikes.

“His stuff is so good, if he can throw strikes (he’ll get hitters out),” Jocketty said.

“We’ll see how he is in the next couple of weeks.”

Where does Chapman fit in, with the current logjam on the Reds pitching staff? What are your thoughts?

Here’s my opinion: I’m excited. I anticipate Chapman having an impact similar to David Price’s impact with the Rays when they made the World Series a couple of years ago. Perhaps I’m being too optimistic; that’s possible, although that criticism doesn’t bother me, since I’ve been pessimistic for the better part of a decade now. It’s nice to be optimistic for once.