I’ve been doing some thinking…

* The Reds are holding a wiffle ball tournament on Saturday, August 14. It sounds awesome. If anyone wants to put together a team (3-5 players), Redleg Nation might be willing to sponsor you, complete with RN T-shirts as uniforms. Just let me know soon, either with a comment here or an email.

* So the Reds are 8-5 since the All-Star break, 13-11 in July, 57-46 overall. The Reds have had a winning record in each month, and they only have to win one of the next two to ensure a winning July.

We did this last month, and I think it’s instructive. Let’s say the Reds split the next two to finish July at 58-47. Suppose Cincinnati then puts up a 14-13 record in August, and a 15-15 record in September/October. Not unreasonable, is it? That’s just one game over .500 for the rest of the season, and it would give the Reds a final 2010 record of 87-75. I will take that, in a heartbeat; that would be an outstanding improvement over the last decade.

For argument’s sake, let’s say the Reds go 15-12 and 16-14 in the last two months. That’s 89 wins on the season. All of a sudden, we’re on the verge of 90 wins, and teams have won the World Series with fewer. In other words, the Reds really don’t have to play exceptionally well to be right in the thick of the race for the rest of the season. Calm down and enjoy it.

* Bill Simmons linked this old SNL skit last week: I had forgotten how hilarious it was. It’s The Sinatra Group, featuring Phil Hartman, Chris Rock, and Mike Myers. Good stuff.

* Are you going to get your Homer Bailey bobblehead this weekend?

* The “Kanye West/Imma let you finish” meme never fails to amuse me.

* Interesting piece in Esquire this week about a perfect bid on Price is Right and the controversy surrounding it.

* In fifteen years, Jordan Smith is going to look exactly like David Weathers.

* ESPN published this, and it made me sick: What’s lurking in your stadium food? The Great American Ballpark entry was disgusting.

* I quit golf for good three months ago, and I’ve never been happier.

* Check out this quote from Adam Dunn. That guy is my favorite player, and probably will be until he retires. I especially enjoyed the comment from Craig Calcaterra:

Dunn was routinely knocked when he played for the Reds for having a bad attitude and being lackadaisical. Every time he opens his mouth, however, he sounds like a remarkably grounded and healthy person…I can’t imagine not wanting a sensible guy like Dunn in my clubhouse.

* I saw Inception last weekend. I thought it was good, not great, though I loved the ending. There is some possibility that I was expecting too much, because of all the exceptional reviews. Probably, I need to watch it again.

* Walt Jocketty says he might not be able to work out any deal before the trade deadline. That’s probably a good thing. Unless ol’ Uncle Walt were overwhelmed by an opportunity to acquire someone who will definitely improve the team, no use in taking unnecessary risks. Of course, there’s one deal he REALLY needs to get done, right now.

* Little-known fact about me: I’ve been to a Phish show…and I loved it. And I wasn’t under the influence of any substances at the time.

* Obligatory soccer nugget: Hurrah! Fox Soccer HD is coming to DirecTV!

* Any suggestions for the RN Get-Together, now scheduled for August 28? Should we meet somewhere before the game, etc.?

* Yesterday was Marty Brennaman’s 68th birthday, and the Nation would like to wish the Hall-of-Famer a belated happy birthday. To celebrate, we’ll show you our favorite Marty moment:

Okay, this is an open thread to discuss whatever you want. Enjoy….