We’ve mentioned this before, but the Reds are doing very well in the TV and radio ratings this year.  According to a story in the latest Sports Business Journal (free for now, but it may go into a pay archive soon), the Reds rank fourth in the MLB with a 6.2 average rating on FSN-Ohio.  This means that on the average night, 6.2% of households in the FSN-Ohio viewing area are watching the Reds.  That’s a 49.4% increase over last year.  The Reds trail only the Cardinals, Twins, and Phillies.

Now, because the FSN-Ohio viewing area is small, that only adds up to 59,897 households, which ranks somewhere near 20th in raw numbers.  But you can hardly blame the Reds for that.

On the radio front, the Reds are 10th in raw numbers, with an average of  116,000 people tuning in every night.  That list pretty much tracks market size, with the Reds, Cards, and Twins serving as small-market upstarts.  When it comes to the main target demographics,  men age 25-54, the Reds rank first in all of baseball.

This won’t have any real effect this season, but should help the Reds earn more the next time TV and radio rights come up for negotiation.  In the short term, it can be taken as a sign that Cincinnati may actually still be the baseball town it’s always been hyped to be.