It’s a Friday, the Reds have been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention (according to some reports), so it seems like a good day for some not-so-random thoughts….

* We’ve had a good run here at Redleg Nation, but I’ve made a decision: I’m taking my talents to South Beach.

* Okay, you have spoken: the Official Redleg Nation Get-Together at Great American Ballpark is scheduled for August 28, vs. the stupid Cubs. It’s time to start making serious plans. I will have another post about this later, but we gotta start getting a headcount. Are you coming? How many tickets will you need?

* Mike Leake is now on Twitter; he’s the first Red to open an account. The Nation is also on Twitter, as if you didn’t already know.

* I meant to link this earlier: our buddy Nate has offered the top 18 reasons for Indianapolis to back the Reds. I know a bunch of you live in Indy, including some of the RN editorial staff. Gotta warn you, though: Nate’s credibility takes a hit with #14 on that list, which is ludicrous.

* This made me laugh out loud more than once. A clueless secretary promoted this inter-office email thread that descends quickly into hilarity.

* Yes, please do free Chris Heisey.

* Baseball Prospectus had two takes recently on the players that are killing the teams in contention. The #1 shortstop on this list? You guessed it:

The well-traveled 35-year-old, who shored up the Twins’ infield at the deadline last summer, is showing his age. He’s having his worst season ever with the bat (.252/.293/.339 in a hitter-friendly environment) , and his normally reliable glove work has been subpar (-8 FRAA) as well. As if all of that weren’t bad enough, Dusty Baker has been batting him in the first or second spot in the lineup, the latest manifestation of an ongoing problem.

I would give almost anything for the Reds to trade for Stephen Drew.

* I love the fact that SEC football coaches are decrying the presence of player agents. As I saw someone mention the other day, these coaches have the right to complain because SEC football coaches are the very definition of upstanding moral leaders. Pure as the driven snow, I tell you.

* Sheesh: 15 Vintage Politically Incorrect, sexist, and racist ads from a day gone by. Ain’t America grand?

* Second-worst broadcast booth in baseball: Jeff Brantley and Thom Brennaman. They nailed Brantley.

* Obligatory soccer comment: My team, Tottenham Hotspur, is on a US tour. I watched them beat the NY/NJ Red Bulls last night, though it was not in HD, and soccer needs to be watched in HD. Period. But hey, look, it’s a baseball connection!

* In honor of RN Game Thread favorite “Chuck”, I will note that NBC has announced their fall cancellation lineup.

* This is how I envision the RN get-together in future years.

* So fellow RN editor Chris Wilson and I saw Dave Matthews Band at Charlotte, NC’s Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre on Wednesday. I’ve been to a number of DMB shows (I’ve lost count), but this was one of the best I’ve seen. Just a great show, with a good mixture of the old stuff (“Minarets,” (opening a show for the first time in seventeen years), “Jimi Thing,” “One Sweet World” (one of my personal favorites), “What Would You Say” and a couple others from their first album) and more recent songs. They played my favorite song, “Lie In Our Graves,” and another great live song, “Corn Bread”.

Other than LIOG, my favorite moment was when saxophonist Branford Marsalis (wearing a sweet John Lee Hooker t-shirt) joined DMB on stage for three songs. Good stuff.

I like all kinds of music, from Sinatra to Bruce Hornsby to Muddy Waters to Jay-Z, but DMB is the best. (Although I must say that the best concert I’ve ever seen was a Tom Petty show in 1998 or 1999.)

That brings up a good open-thread question: what’s the best concert you’ve seen? Who should I see next? (I’ve already decided that Wilco is on that short list, by the way.)