From this AM’s Cincinnati Enquirer:

Fox Sports Ohio says Reds game viewership is up 49 percent from last season.

TV games are averaging a 6.5 rating, or 59,695 TV households. TV ratings here are the fourth best in Major League Baseball – behind the St. Louis Cardinals (of course), Philadelphia Phillies and Minnesota Twins, said Kate Buddenhagen, Fox Sports Ohio publicist.

Reds radio ratings are even better. The team’s 25 percent audience share with men ages 25-54 is the highest of the 28 MLB cities with Arbitron personal people meters, according to Bill Reinberger, Reds vice president for corporate sales.

Reds night games average 98,600 listeners on WLW-AM (700). The audience jumps to 150,900 listeners for day games, Reinberger said.


Viewership has grown steadily. Ratings were up over last year by 5 percent in April, 6.7 percent in May, 7.1 percent in June and 7.7 percent in July.

And fans are tuning in early to FSO, and staying after the game. Ratings for the “Reds Live” pregame show are up 100 percent; postgame ratings are up 48 percent.

Even Columbus has been Reds hot. Ratings are up 36 percent from last season.

“I’m confident the season’s ratings will continue to improve, and you may see secondary or outer market ratings that rival some of the MLB’s teams in their home markets. That would be remarkable,” said Henry Ford, Fox Sports Ohio senior vice president and general manager.

Also might explain why attendance isn’t as high as many would like…between the economy and the # of games available on TV.

I have to admit, I like sitting at home watching on tv in my family room, sipping a cold one.