My favorite moment of last night’s All-Star Game, by far, was provided by Brandon Phillips. Scott Rolen singled and went to third on a Matt Holliday single. Well, FOX had a microphone on BP, and they caught him saying this:

“Yeah, yeah, that’s what we do in Cincinnati. We go first to third, baby!”

Love it.

BP didn’t get any hits, but he made a couple of nice defensive plays and generally represented the Reds well last night. Rolen’s baserunning was a big topic of conversation on ESPN post-game, as their analysts felt like it was the key to the NL’s victory.

Joey Votto batted twice, but if you blinked, you might have missed him because he swung at the first pitch both times. I don’t know if he was nervous, but that wasn’t Votto-like.

Arthur Rhodes, as you probably know, didn’t get into the game. It’s hard to get all the pitchers into an All-Star Game, but of all the Reds, I would’ve liked to have seen Rhodes get into the game. Rolen has been to a bunch, Votto and BP have a chance of going back…but Arthur Rhodes will likely never make another All-Star Game. It would’ve been nice to see the big guy pitch.

Overall, though, it was nice to have a team that is relevant once again on this national stage. The four Reds selected certainly represented the city and the franchise well last night. It was a good night for the Cincinnati Reds.

Oh yeah…and the Reds now have home field advantage in the 2010 World Series.