Over the past few weeks, I have collaborated with the guys at TwinsCentric and a bunch of the best bloggers from other teams around the league on a special, mid-season project: a trade deadline primer. There are 30 versions of the e-book, one for every team. Here’s the low-down:

Whether you’re a Reds fan, a baseball expert or a fantasy baseball guru, this is your reference guide to the 2010 trading season. Written by Redleg Nation’s Chad Dotson and a host of experts from other teams, this 160+ page e-book provides all the info you’ll ever need:

– Foreword by Rob Neyer of espn.com

– Summaries of what every other team is looking to do at the deadline, including how it could help your fantasy team

– 150+ easily referenced trade targets with breakdowns

– 120+ impact prospects

– Essays about what other teams in the NL Central may be focusing on.

It’s really good stuff, in my opinion, especially for just $9.95. If you want 1/4 of the book for free, a preview of sorts, order it here.

Here’s what the guys at TwinsCentric, who organized this project, had to say about it:

Want to read about who the surging White Sox may pursue as the deadline approaches? Scroll down to their team report, written by J.J. Stankevitz of White Sox Examiner. Curious as to whether the Tigers might make a run at Roy Oswalt or Dan Haren? The Tigers’ team report, written by John Parent of the Motor City Bengals blog, will have you covered. Looking to get caught up on where the top National League teams stand at baseball’s mid-season point? Check out the extensive write-ups from Bill Baer of the Phillies blog Crashburn Alley, or Peter Hjort of the Braves blog Capitol Avenue Club, or Matthew Philip of the Cardinals blog Fungoes.

We hand-selected writers — the vast majority of whom operate prominent blogs dedicated to their particular club — to cover every MLB team for this Primer, so each page is filled with well-crafted inside analysis that you can’t find anywhere else. The writing is professional quality through and through, from the foreword (written by Rob Neyer of ESPN.com) to the team summaries, essays, trade target profiles and prospect write-ups. There will surely be other publications out there with similarly slanted coverage in the coming weeks, but I am very confident that none will be as comprehensive and knowledgable as the one we’ve put together in collaboration with all these passionate bloggers and writers from across the nation.

With the All-Star break upon us, this is a great time to reflect on all that has happened so far and to look ahead to the remainder of the season. The next few weeks will be crucial for Bill Smith and the front office as they search for ways to best position the Twins for a postseason run. By purchasing a copy of the 2010 Trade Deadline Primer, you can put yourself ahead of the curve with advanced analysis of the Twins as well as every other team across the league while supporting bloggers nationwide.

It’s good stuff, it’s not that expensive, and Redleg Nation gets half the profit from the sale of the Reds version (every single dime of which goes back into RN).

Again, you can check out a free quarter-book sample here, buy the Reds Primer for $9.95 here or browse other teams’ Deadline Primers here.

(Okay, back to the Reds….)