Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 0
New York (NL) 3
WP: Santana (6-5)
LP: Maloney (0-1)

–Logan Ondrusek continues to pitch very, very well.

–Reds only got three hits. Of course, it was against Johan Santana, and that will happen.

–Once again, Dusty Baker waited too long to get his starter out of the game, and two more runs scored because of it. They might’ve scored anyway, but I would’ve taken my chances with the bullpen in the sixth inning once it was clear that Matt Maloney was tiring.

–Matt Maloney was…well, he was Matt Maloney. That’s largely what we can expect out of him. He throws strikes and he isn’t bad, but he isn’t great either. He certainly pitched well enough to keep the Reds in the game. Unfortunately, he returns to the big leagues only to see Johan Santana on the mound opposing him.

It wasn’t a good idea for Maloney to allow Santana to hit a homer, though.

–Not much else to say. Reds lost, Cardinals are winning right now. Reds will try to win the series tomorrow evening behind Bronson Arroyo.

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