Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 8
New York (NL) 6
WP: Smith (2-1)
LP: Pelfrey (10-3)

Joey Votto. All the big guy did was go 3-4 with two homers and a double. Votto now has 21 homers, which leads the league, and he’s hitting .318/.418/.599. He isn’t as good as Omar Infante or Ryan Howard, though. They’re All-Stars. Votto isn’t. (Yet.)

–Arthur Rhodes pitched a perfect eighth, throwing only nine pitches. He’s a bad man.

–Brandon Phillips is just a brilliant fielder. He goes to his right better than any second baseman I’ve seen.

As Lance McAlister noted, the Reds got 7 innings from two rookie pitchers (Travis Wood and Jordan Smith), called up in the last three weeks, on the road, in New York, in a pennant race.


–I love this team.

–Reds have now won four out of five to start this road trip. They are twelve games over .500, and two full games up on the idle St. Louis Cardinals.

–Aaron Harang was supposed to start today, but he was a late scratch with persistent back pain. Hopefully, he can pitch tomorrow.

–Travis Wood wasn’t extremely sharp, but he was going on three days rest and didn’t even know he’d be starting until an hour before the game. I give him a pass, mostly because he hit an RBI triple. That guy can motor around the bases. He’s as fast as Drew Stubbs.

–Has anyone noticed that ESPN thinks Votto plays for the Yankees or Redsox all of a sudden? It’s all-Votto, all the time over there.


Joey Votto