A quick update from the road (via BlackBerry).

The rosters for the All-Star teams were announced this afternoon. Arthur Rhodes, Brandon Phillips, and Scott Rolen were named as reserves for the NL All-Star team.

Notice a name missing? (Hint: his initials are Joey Votto.)

I’m really happy for Rhodes, in particular. But it’s a complete disgrace that Votto is not on the team. Just a joke. (Omar Infante, with an OPS+ of 96, is on the team. Joey Votto, with an OPS+ of 162, is not.)

Reds fans will still have a chance to vote Votto in as one of the final five “Fan Votes.” It’s ludicrous that Votto wasn’t named already, though. Charlie Manuel, the NL manager, is a moron.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to vote for Joey Votto to make the squad as part of the final Fan Vote. I expect each of you to create as many email accounts as you can and vote as many times as you can. We have to right this wrong.