From today’s Enquirer:

Brandon Phillips has been tearing up opposing teams’ pitching for nearly two months and entered Saturday’s game against Cleveland leading the National League in runs scored with 56.

Phillips was hitting .371 in June after a .316 performance in May and was second in the NL with 91 hits.

“To tell the truth, when you’re winning you just have a different attitude in the way you approach the game,” Phillips said. “My job is to get on base for the big dogs like Jonny Gomes and Scott Rolen and Joey Votto so they can drive me in.”

Phillips did not know he was leading the league in runs.


The Reds second baseman hit just .236 in April before being moved out of the cleanup spot in the order.

In the No. 2 hole, Phillips was hitting .326 with a .382 on-base percentage in 162 at-bats. In 15 plate appearances in the leadoff spot, Phillips was hitting .467 with a matching .467 on-base percentage….

“It really doesn’t bother me,” Phillips said. “I like hitting first, second or third. As long as I’m in the game, I’m going to try my best to make it happen. But hitting leadoff, I just feel like I have to be one of those Jose Reyes or Jimmy Rollins kind of guys that get the team going and try to make things happen.”


Phillips entered Saturday’s game with the sixth-best batting average in the National League at .308. He was leading the team and tied for seventh in the NL with 21 doubles. He had hit nine home runs, knocked in 24 runs and stolen 10 bases in 17 tries.

It’s very clear that Brandon Phillips is having a great year…best of his career, IMO.

John Erardi has an article that is only in print today, but we’ll cover it tomorrow when it’s available on-line; it talks in numbers why Phillips has been so successful this year.